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(1m² = 12.78EUR) KITEFIX Dacron Tape / Spinnaker 5cm x 125cm Green
Artikelnr.: KX09GRd
EAN-Code: 0648038850992
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KITEFIX Dacron Tape / Spinnaker 5cm x 125cm Green (1m² = 127.84EUR)
  • hochwertiges DACRON Tape von KITEFIX
  • zum schnellen Reparieren von Rissen im Segeltuch/Kite
  • selbstklebend
  • Breite: 5cm
  • Länge: ca. 125cm
  • Farbe: GREEN

Our self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a GluFix and FiberFix repair on the leading edge or struts of your kite. Just heading out on the water and notice that your canopy has a tear in it? Use our Dacron to make a quick, temporary repair to hold you for that session. Sold in single rolls and available in white, black, green, red and blue.See our blog for a step by step guide to repairing your leading edge using the Kitefix Self-Adhesive Dacron.

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