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Naish Thrust Kite Foil Set Abracadabra 2019
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Darlehensgeber: kitefly.de GbR, Gabelsbergerstr. 1A, 04317 Leipzig
Standard Mast Size: 90 cm | Aspect Ratio: 6.5 | Wingspan: 25.3"/64.2 cm | Projected Surface Area: 600 cm2
Aircraft Grade High Precision CNC Cut Fuselage

Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum Mast
Carbon/Glass PrePreg & Hi Mod Foam Core Front & Back Wing Construction

316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware
Forgiving and user-friendly, the Thrust Kite Foil Complete delivers a super smooth foiling experience for anyone from beginner to advanced to cruise on. Its segmented front wing combines the stability of a dihedral shape with the early take-off and low speed lift of an anhedral wing. Tuned for balance, this foil setup reduces pumping time by helping riders quickly find a stable plane and lock in, while the higher aspect ratio lengthens the glide. A large sweet spot delivers ample stability for a more natural feel that encourages riders to move more freely and gain the confidence to progress. Smooth gliding and incredibly intuitive, this effortless setup frees your attention to enjoy the experience and expand your abilities.
The Abracadabra Plate connection makes it quick and effortless to detach and store your separated board and foil. One screw is all it takes to quickly and easily disconnect the entire foil system from your board, while the bottom of the plate can remain in place. Just a few turns of a #3 Phillips head screwdriver yields a secure and tight connection between foil and board. The Abracadabra Plate is available in the complete set or as an aftermarket item for any current and previous Naish aluminum mast and is also offered as an accessory for the carbon mast.
The Hover Kite 130, 155, and 160 foilboards have a shallower track system and therefore require the shorter screws as supplied with the board. These boards CANNOT be used with the longer screws that come with the Naish Thrust foil. When pairing all other Naish Hover Foilboards with your Naish Foil, use the screws supplied with the foil. WHAT'S NEW Front Wing–50% Lighter
 Back Wing
 Monocoque Ultra Robust Back Wing Construction
 Heavy-duty Fuselage
 Abracadabra Plate Connection
 Stealth Stripes
Front Wing KS 2
 Back Wing KS 2
 Mast 90 cm/Aluminum
 Fuselage KS/Surf
 Foil Assembly Screw Set
 Abracadabra Plate
 Abracadabra Plate Screw Set
 Foil Cover
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