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Slingshot H4 Foil Front Wing
Slingshot H4 Foil Front Wing
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Darlehensgeber: kitefly.de GbR, Gabelsbergerstr. 1A, 04317 Leipzig
With a low-aspect, high-surface area shape, it’s like a magic carpet that lets you glide across waves and swell you would have never thought possible until now.

For surf/SUP: Versatile performance in most size waves and swell. Early lift and slow gliding speed make this an excellent option for proficient surfers ready to make the transition to foiling.

For wake: Slow speeds, tons of lift and enough surface area to tap into the second, third, even the fourth wave back without a rope.

For windsurf: Slow, mellow cruiser. Great for light wind, heavy riders or those who just want to cruise and don’t care about going fast or getting extreme.

• Largest wing, most lift in our lineup

• Great for slow speeds, early takeoff and pumping

• Surf waves you never thought possible

• Sturdy pre-preg carbon construction

Solid Carbon Composite Construction
Each Hover Glide wing is made of solid carbon composite and prepreg carbon construction. Unlike the super fragile high-modulus carbon construction of more expensive foils, the Hover Glide can take a beating, and scrapes and dings can be repaired fairly easily.
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