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Naish Hover Custom Directional Kiteboard 2019

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Highly compact with minimal volume, the Hover 127 takes full advantage of minimalist design. Intended for experienced-to-expert foilers, this petite board delivers superior control in tight turns for a dynamic and responsive riding experience. When riding strapless, another key advantage of its size is the ability to sink the board and position it on its edge for easier take-offs. Its precise, CNC cut, closed cell core is wrapped in lightweight, high-tensile fiberglass, which heightens durability without weighing it down. The dual track system allows riders to instantly adjust where the foil sits on the board, for a more customized riding experience. Once you master foiling, “less is more. . . “ and these boards provide everything you want, with nothing you don’t!

  • Ich habe das Board getestet, ich würde nur zur Größe 127cm raten. Das ist am besten von den 3 Größen.

Boardgröße Directional: 3'8" 4'2" 4'9"